Day 7

There are too many things and people I met today I can't go into details one by one. So, in short:


1. Good people in Kanematsu. Kaori san, Kei san, Kuraishi san. ( from L to R )
2. Yuka chan drop by to have lunch with us, and share about her love story...  ^_^
4. Thank you Aizawa san and Nagasawa san for showing us around~
5. Handsome teacher - Aizawa san.
6. Student's work, I like it.
7. Ota with the funny hat.
8. Ota san's senior, Hara Hiroshi visited us in the evening. He is a very experienced web director/ designer, I'm surprise he had seen some of my works before... and thanks for the blog too, it's my honor to know you Hara san. I'm not really that great, am just a lazy designer who run away from his job. Let's go get a drink sometimes!


What more can one ask for? After a long working day there is a delicious supper waiting for you at your doorstep. Thanks to our generous neighbor Orie san! Ota san and I enjoyed it so much! ippai ippai~

- Driv